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Bridging the Opportunity Gap is also available now in the UK, EU, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada:

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Book Club 2021

Every month.
One chapter at a time.
With special guests.

Join the author for a book-club inspired discussion about Bridging the Opportunity Gap. Arrey with go through the themes of the book—chapter by chapter—with a new guest each month. Readers are encouraged to join and come with their own questions for the author, as well as the special guest, to gain more insight on the theme of the chapter being discussed.

The Chaos of Success

As leaders, as individuals, we aim for success. So we plan, project and labor toward the goal. Plans may be clear and orderly, but rarely reflect the messiness of life—especially when success is achieved faster or larger than dreamed. In November, Nisaa Jetha, Global Strategist and Impact Professional, joins author Arrey Obenson to explore how elevated leaders thrive in chaos.


Nisaa Jetha | Global Strategist and Impact Professional
Wednesday 17 November
10:00 CDT // 15:00 GMT
Pain of Change
Paschal Dike Headshot.jpg

Change is an implicit component of growth, and for your business or organization to reach the greatest opportunities, it must be prepared to grow. So why do some companies and organizations struggle to make meaningful changes? The pain of change. This month, Paschal Dike—CEO of DEGA Multi Concept Limited, a safety and security consulting company, and a leadership advancement coach and public speaker—sits down with Arrey Obenson to discuss the next chapter of his book, Bridging the Opportunity Gap. Together, they'll review the variations of resistance to change, and explore how leaders know when to stay true to a brand's history and when to make big changes.


Paschal Dike | Principal/CEO at DEGA Multi Concept Limited
Step Out of Yourself
Jeanette - Headshot_edited.jpg

Living and working in our diverse world requires leaders to comfortably work with people across a wide variety of backgrounds and communities. In order to be truly effective, we must also have a concrete understanding of individuals' needs, goals and challenges. This month, author Arrey Obenson will dialogue with Jeanette Moloto about how crucial it is for leaders to listen and be empathetic, and how to manage putting aside your own beliefs to see things from others' perspectives.


Jeanette Moloto | Director Global Sales South Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa & West Africa, Marriott International
It Is About People
Wayne Clarke headshot-square.jpeg

In August, our monthly book club series for Bridging the Opportunity Gap is covering chapter five of the book. Author Arrey Obenson will be joined by Wayne Clarke, Founding Partner of the Global Growth Institute to reflect on the important role that people play in a leader's journey. Join us for a conversation about leaders showing up for others and how focusing on your team before profit or service breeds success.


Wayne Clarke | Founder, Global Growth Institute
Shared Leadership
Desmond Alufohai Headshot.jpeg

Executives and leaders are often seen as individuals—one person at the top singularly responsible for an organization's or business's success. But the best leaders exist beyond title or rank and do not monopolize power. Join Arrey Obenson and Desmond Alufohai for a conversation about shared leadership and how vital communication, collaboration and motivation are to being a successful leader and bridging your organization's opportunity gap.


Desmond Alufohai | Division Director, Protocol & International Affairs, Miami International Airport
Big Picture Thinking
Emmanuel Jal-square.jpeg

Artists and creatives are known for thinking big and reaching beyond established norms, so we're excited to have recording artist and entrepreneur Emmanuel Jal joining the discussion this month. Together with author Arrey Obenson, we'll dialogue about "Big Picture Thinking" and expanding your mindset for greater gains.


Emmanuel Jal | Recording Artist, Peace Ambassador, and Founder of Gua Africa
Naive Audacity
Kelly main headshot.jpg

In May, our monthly book club series for Bridging the Opportunity Gap will cover chapter two of the book. Author Arrey Obenson will be joined by a like-minded speaker, Kelly Lovell, CEO of BridgingTheGap Ventures and Founding Global Chair, YOUNGA to reflect on the concept of naive audacity. Join us for a conversation about taking big risks and the resulting payoff.


Kelly Lovell | CEO, BridgingTheGap Ventures and Founding Global Chair, YOUNGA
Opportunity Trumps Challenge
Mick Sheldrick.jpeg

Join the first of our monthly book club for Bridging the Opportunity Gap! Author Arrey Obenson sits down with guest Michael Sheldrick of Global Citizen to reflect on the first chapter of the book. Together they will explore the chapter's theme—Opportunity Trumps Challenge—and share their own leadership experiences.


Michael Sheldrick | Chief Policy and Government Relations Officer, Global Citizen
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About the Book

About the Book

It is all about the opportunity as opposed to the challenges. Too often, leaders are overly focused on and thus defined by challenges and problems. Being defined by these challenges inevitably leads to collapse under their weight.


In Bridging the Opportunity Gap, Arrey Obenson presents a paradigm shift for leaders, uncovering how to ascend to the next level and transform your organization or business. Told against the backdrop of a series of his own leadership experiences, Obenson offers a set of principles that enable leaders to achieve strategic goals. 


Using the power of stories spanning nearly two decades of leading change within his community and an international organization, Obenson challenges readers to think differently and focus on opportunities over challenges. By doing this and following the key principles laid out in the book, you will become a leader able to change the world.

Arrey Obenson Author Headshot

About the Author

Born on April 22, 1971 in Cameroon, Arrey Obenson is a lawyer and graduate of Washington University in Saint Louis where he obtained a Master’s in law (LLM) in 2005. He previously obtained a law degree from University of Yaoundé, Cameroon, in 1992 and was admitted to the Cameroon Bar Association in December 1999.

Obenson currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer and partner of Transformunity, a consulting firm that provides services in strategy development, movement building, advocacy, and strategic events. Prior to his current position, Obenson served as Chief Administrative Officer or Secretary General of a global nonprofit organization spanning over 120 countries and engaging hundreds of thousands of young people known as Junior Chamber International (JCI).


Obenson has been involved in organizational leadership for fifteen-plus years and played a significant in role in developing and implementing strategy that has been transformational for JCI. 


Obenson has also served on multiple boards of directors, including the Ban Ki-moon Centre for Global Citizens, the International Chamber of Commerce / World Chambers Federation, and is founder of I Am Cameroon, a movement that inspires, educates, and engages Cameroonians to accept and assume responsibility for the development of Cameroon.

Obenson is an active citizen who focuses on solving problems by engaging actors from all sectors of society—businesses, governments, and the civil society—to identify their opportunities and develop strategies to achieve growth. Obenson is a motivating and engaging speaker who is frequently invited to speak to audiences of varying sizes across world. He has spoken and engaged audiences in nearly one hundred countries.

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About the Author

Praise for Bridging the Opportunity Gap

Journalist and News Anchor
MSNBC and NBC News

Arrey Obenson’s Bridging the Opportunity Gap is a resonant reflection on his career that weaves together personal stories and learned wisdom to illuminate his leadership strategy. In a world where leaders are bombarded with nonstop problems and negative news, Obenson provides a smart, sincere and compelling approach with the power to transform how you lead and work.

Founder, Managing Editor at The Immigrant Magazine, TV and Radio Host

An excellent reference for everyone, not just the millennials or youth Arrey targets, but for
everyone with dreams of starting a business or running any form of institution requiring
leadership at any level.

Chief Policy and Government Relations Officer
Global Citizen

Drawing on his 17 years of experience with JCI, Arrey [Obenson] offers multiple suggestions on how organizations can fulfill their potential while not losing sight of their opportunities through getting bogged down in day to day challenges and processes… Arrey’s emphasis on being opportunity focused and not letting challenges get in the way of a good idea, even if the context you’re operating in is one of chaos, is also reflected in [Global Citizen's] own experience this year.

Chief Executive Officer
Ban Ki-moon Centre for Global Citizens

Arrey's optimistic advice, seeing opportunities rather than focusing on challenges and motivating many change makers to contribute to their society, is a quick and easy read for anyone in the business or non-profit sector, who is involved in co-developing an overarching organizational strategy and seeking inspiration by someone, who has done it several times before. This book is focused on the opportunity mindset, the audacity of ideas, and the ability to think big, building a movement and shared leadership based on global citizen values.

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