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Our expertise is identifying and bridging the opportunity gap.
What do we mean by the opportunity gap?
We're glad you asked.
opportunity gap
[ ä-pər-ˈtü-nə-tē ˈgap ]
(n.) a lucrative or strategic area in the market that has not been tapped into. yet.
Organizatinal Strategy
Organizational Strategy

Clear vision and strategy are the difference between good plans and the best plans. Instead of simply finding solutions to challenges, we examine an organization's current situation and focus on untapped opportunities. We work to understand the existing landscape, collect critical input and feedback, and collaboratively develop strategic plans that articulate the vision and way forward. Together with the client, we identify and engage key stakeholders throughout. 

Movement Building

Lasting change is often driven by grassroots movements. We work with organizations to create grassroots strategies that engage diverse target audiences, build constituencies and provide grassroots leaders with the knowledge and resources to grow global movements. 

Strategic Events

More than a typical event management company, Transformunity cultivates high-impact events from concept and strategy to content development, communications and on-site production. We work with clients to organize turn-key events or expand the capacity of existing teams, allowing the organization to focus on their greatest strengths and core mission. 

Advocacy Development

Action on sustainable development is urgently needed to ensure our world is free from poverty, inequalities and climate change. We work with clients to identify and gain support for causes by developing advocacy campaigns that engage all sectors of society. We design campaigns with a strategic concept, communications plans and tool development to produce impact.

Movement Building
Strategic Events
Advocacy Development
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