Strategy Mastermind

with Transformunity
A small group of leaders. Individual challenges. Collaborative cohort-style learning. Check-ins and accountability.
Your own game-changing strategy to grow, focus or pivot. 
Program Overview

The Strategy Mastermind with Transformunity will bring together a group of leaders in similar stages of development to help guide them to growth for their business or organization.


In a small-group format, these cohorts will receive personalized attention that is affordable. Each participant commits to joining a 6-week program with no more than 10 other leaders that will be co-facilitated by Transformunity partners.


The program will consist of four 90-minute group sessions where participants will share what they’re working toward achieving and learn about key concepts of strategy development and implementation, all while networking and supporting each other. Additionally, each participant will receive one solo coaching session with the mastermind facilitators during the program. Between these sessions, participants will be developing their own strategy document, and will conclude the program with a roadmap in hand—ready to take that next step.

Next session: February 2021

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