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Project green

Building a new model for systemic change. Together, we can impact the planet and ensure the future is sustainable.

Project Green

our focus

Project Green incentivizes and empowers citizens, communities and corporations to shift their behaviour and choices towards sustainability.

Our Focus
The Gap


Climate change requires the world to redesign an economy for the future.


While governments are looked to for treaties, individuals, communities and corporations have the ability to take action and make investments that make an immediate impact.


Developing countries and emerging markets can leapfrog technologies to be leaders in climate solutions.

our solution

Climate action needs a new kind of movement, driven by empowered citizens.


Our global movement favors sustainable living and sustainable capitalism, while showcasing innovative practices to transform how we impact our community and our planet.

Our Solution

Three C's in action

Our triple bottom approach mitigates the impact of climate change while moving toward sustainable capitalism.

Three C's


  • Connect with other like minded people

  • Access to opportunities to improve your own community

  • Recommendations for sustainable lifestyle choices


  • Share opportunities for citizen action in a sustainable project

  • Showcase innovative scalable ideas to attract investment


  • Invest in climate action

  • Support community projects

  • Connect with citizens looking for sustainable lifestyle solutions

project green team

Arrey Obenson.jpg

Arrey Obenson

  • 15+ years executive leadership

  • Worked with multiple boards of directors, engaging extensively with internal and external stakeholders

  • Strategic planning expert

  • Extensive public speaking and engagement with stakeholders in 100+ countries

  • Developed and implemented financial strategies, annual budgeting and planning, fundraising, $10 million+ investment portfolio, $10 million+ endowment

Krissy Durant.jpg

Krissy Durant

  • 10+ years of executive and management experience leading communications and marketing strategy for an in-house agency for an organization in over 100 markets

  • Developed communications guidelines and campaigns for new organization launches

  • Strategy development and implementation, and budget management experience for an international organization

  • Event content curation and management experience in over 25 countries

Nisaa Jetha_edited_edited_edited.jpg

nisaa jetha

  • Committed advocate of ESG and impact investing in collaboration with the world’s foremost institutions and leaders

  • Launched an energy governance group in the UK Parliament hosted by the Under-Secretary of State for International Development

  • Instrumental in curating a focus event on climate change at COP21

  • Director at the United Nations Inter-Governmental Organisation, The Be Earth Foundation

Pedro Zaraza.jpg

Pedro Zaraza

  • 17+ years of executive and management leadership developing and implementing IT and operational strategies for international organizations

  • Developed and implemented a community of nearly 200,000 users online, including the deployment of programming, management of events and access to tools and resources

  • Coordinated and implemented financial planning strategies including budget planning and execution

Eduardo Barros.jpg

Eduardo barros

  • 12+ years of executive and managerial leadership, developing and implementing organizational development strategies across the world

  • Extensive event management experience from conception to execution

  • Financial, accounting and budget planning coordination working with internal and external stakeholders

  • Grassroots mobilization experience


founding partners

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